SHUBHAM Classes – Engineering (Degree, Diploma, 11th, 12th) 

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Address: JM Road, Shivajinagar: Ground Floor, Block B, Sahil Arcade, Near Hotel Panchali & Modern Foods, JM Road, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005

Benefits (What you get?) : 

  • 40–60Hrs Teaching by experienced teachers (Personal Guidance)
  • Systematic & planned teaching
  • Important Notes, CDs, Booklets
  • Result oriented teaching
  • Class notebook = exam question paper
  • Immediate feedback about student's performance
  • Online access to see overall student's progress
  • 10 Exams: 6 Unit + 2 Section + 2 Final
  • Training programs – Overall students development
  • Quality Education
  • Limited students per batch - Personal Attention
  • Study Smarter Not Harder
  • 12 years of teaching Experience
  • Score more in exams
  • Study smarter not harder
  • Your SUCCESS = Our GOAL! 

Reasons for failure in FE:

  • Admission Procedure
  • Limited Time & improper management
  • Inefficiency of colleges, students
  • Uncertain University paper pattern
  • More examples - less theory
  • Over confidence of students
  • Incomplete teaching of syllabus in colleges

Dear Students        

The response of Engineering Coaching classes for important & difficult engineering subjects has increased due to above reasons. Many of you were not able to give proper justice for scoring good percentage of marks during engineering career.According to the demand of industries, it is must to score minimum first class in exams. Reputed National and International Organizations demands throughout distinction candidates only.

“Precaution is better than cure”

  • Are you facing problems in study?
  • Do you want to study regularly?
  • Do you definitely want to pass in Pune university exams?
  • Do you need personal guidance?
  If yes, then join SHUBHAM CLASSES today!   

Track Records

Commencing since 12th Feb, 2000, have augmented to accommodate more than 2,000 students per year at present endowed with various permanent, visiting and flared faculties. Supported with offices at two location at Shivajinagar, Pune Station is all set to move ahead.


Create students with all concepts, in depth subject knowledge. Make them understand the subject, the better way and definitely pass in examinations. 

Course Students Features, Course details Hrs Fees Rs/sub
BATCH 11 – 30 Learn in group with all students coming in batches. 40-70 Degree  3000-5000 Diploma 2000-4000
GROUP Tuitions 5 – 10 Students of same understanding level. Flexible Timings, According to group requirement 40-60 Degree  4000-10000 Diploma 3000-8000
Personal Guidance 1 – 4 Attention towards student is given so that he / she can definitely pass in exams. 40-60 Degree  6000-30000 Diploma 6000-20000
HOME Tuitions 1 – 2 Teacher will come to your home. Teaching schedule will be as per student & teachers convenience. 40-70 Degree  15000-30000 Diploma 10000-30000

Rules & Regulations:  

  • Students should attend the classes & exams regularly as per the schedule.
  • Take maximum benefit of Training programs conducted for your benefit by SHUBHAM Educational Society
  • Use ERP software to be in touch with teachers, other students and management
  • Give suggestion for improvement of overall management
  • Fees once paid will be neither refunded nor transferred.
  • Please maintain fees receipt for official reference.
  • Come and leave at right time of your class. Maintain silence & discipline
  • Personal Guidance / Home tuition rules & regulations vary from subject to subject.

Important & Difficult Subjects:

Year Semester – I Semester – II
FE – Common to all Branches M1 (Engg Maths), EG1 (Engg Graphics), BEE1 (Basic Electrical Engg), AS1 (Applied Science),BCE (Basic Civil Engg) , CP(Computer Programming) M2 (Engg Maths), EM (Engg Mechanics), BEE2 (Basic Electronics Engg), AS2 (Applied Science), BME (Basic Mechanical Engg)
SE – Mech M3 (Mathematical Methods), AT(Applied Thermodynamics), FM(Fluid Mechanics), TOM1 (Theory of Machines – I),SME (Strength of Machine Elements), ET (Electrical Technology)
SE – Mech SW M3 (Mathematical Methods), SME(Strength of Machine Elements),TE1 (Thermal Engg - I), FM (Fluid Mechanics), MDCG (Machine Drawing & Computer Graphics) TMMD1 (Theory of Machines & Machine Design), TE2 (Thermal Engg – II), MP (Manufacturing Engg)
SE – E&TC S&S (Signal and Systems), NA(Network analysis) M3DS (Data Structure)
SE - Electrical M3ADE (Analog and Digital Techniques), EMI (Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation) EM1 (Electrical Machines – I), NA(Network Analysis), MP(Microprocessor Fundamental & Applications)
SE – Civil M3SOM (Strength Of Material),   FM1(Fluid Mechanics), SA1(Structural Analysis - I)
SE – Comp DS (Discrete Structure), DSA(Data Structure and Algorithm)   M3,  MP (Microprocessors and Interfacing Techniques), DS (Data Structure)
SE – IT DS, FDS (Fundamentals of Data Structure) M3, DSF(Data Structure and Files)
SE - Prod M3, HT&FE (Heat & Fluid Engineering), SME (Strength of Machine Elements) TOM (Theory of Machines), DME(Design of Machine Elements), ET(Electrical Technology)
SE - Instru M3, LIC (Linear Integrated Circuit), DT(Digital Techniques)
SE - Chem M3, FM (Fluid Mechanics) HT (Heat Transfer), MD (Principles of Design)
SE – Print M3, SOM (Strength of Material) MP (Microprocessor & microcontroller Techniques in printing)
SE - Poly / Petro/ PetroChem SOM (Strength of Material), FM ( Momentum Transfer ) M3, HT (Heat Transfer)
TE – Mech MD1 (Machine Design I), HT (Heat Transfer), TOM2 (Theory of Machines – II), CONM (Computer Oriented Numerical Methods) FMC (Fluid Machinery), MD2(Machine Design – II), RAC(Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
TE – Civil TOS2 (Theory of Structures - II),SD1 (Structural design – I) SD2 (Structural design – II)
BE – Mech DOM (Dynamics of Machinery),MechatronicsGTJP CAD-CAM
BE – Civil SD3 (Structural Design – III)      
D1 – FY Diploma DM1 (Basic Maths), PHY(Physics), CHM (Chemistry), DED(Diploma Engg Graphics No exam) DM2 (Engg Maths), DAS (Applied Science), CS (Communication Skills) MECH 

 Many more subjects... to be updated in the list. Address:  JM Road, Shivajinagar: Ground Floor, Block B, Sahil Arcade, Near Hotel Panchali & Modern Foods, JM Road, Shivajinagar, Pune 411005 Pune Station: B2-103, Llyods Chambers, Opp Ambedkar Bhavan, Sassoon Road, Pune Station, Pune 411011