Guidance Centre

AGC – Admission Guidance Centre:

Admission Guidance is an important activity in which students along with parents are equally worried as that of scoring good marks in exams.


1)    Aptitude test: This helps in understanding the interest of the student in particular area / branch. This selection test consists of verify of categories like technical (in which mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, Electronics, Maths, Chemical), analytical, verbal, logical, mental, aptitude, communication skill etc.
2)    Engineering College - Branch Selection: Based on State Merit List Number the computer selects college and branch considering previous year database.
3)    Admission procedure: You will be given detailed information about centralized admission procedure. You can ask any question related to admission.
4)    Admission Guidance: Considering the discussion, student’s interest, opportunities in future etc you will be guided systematically for the selection of college and branch.
The procedure is very simple, systematic & smart.
Results / Analysis
          This includes a short summary of report, this is the result of questions answered by the student, student – parents views, academic results, category etc
          A report contains probable branch, and college the student may get in Pune University the result will be declared next day after the counselors go through it.

Educational CD details

          The student/ parent can go through the educational CD developed by QIK – Organization. This CD includes list of all colleges in Pune University, all colleges’ information with their details including branches, accreditations, seats available etc. The CD also contains detailed information about all branches of engineering, fields.
          This educational CD also includes all detailed information about admission procedures, documents required, different forms, all rules & regulations. You can easily access to any data on just a click you have to refer it in QIK – Centre only. Even you can purchase it for more reference.


·         Are you facing problems in the selection of engineering branch or College?
·         Do you want to select appropriate branch?
·         Do you need personal guidance?
·         Do you want to know details of engineering admissions?
·         Are you having any quires?
If yes, then please take appointment now! The appointment gives you an opportunity to meet councellores; who are expert in the admission procedures in engineering. The councellors help you to solve all your queries in engineering admissions.

Features of AGC counselors:

          The appointment with counselors who are already engineers, help you in all the way through systematic & smart procedures. The benefits you are going to avail are.
  • Probable colleges you are going to get
  • What branch you should select test results, & report
  • Fees structure of all colleges
  • Comparative study of all colleges
  • Actual status of different colleges with campus position, features etc
  • What are the requirements for getting or choosing any branch in any college?
  • Instant reports – of branches, colleges, seats available, according to different categories
  • Detailed procedure of admissions in engineering etc.
For any kind of help in engineering, please contact on phone on at  9595321110
. You can also see detailed information on website or email us at